Miracle Method Cultivates Loyal, Dedicated Franchisees

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Miracle Method Cultivates Loyal, Dedicated Franchisees
Miracle Method Cultivates Loyal, Dedicated Franchisees
Franchisees Tyler Murphy and Ryan Gladhill grew up in the Miracle Method family. For the past decade, the two have been Miracle Method franchisees themselves, and recently teamed up to bring the next generation’s passion to two existing franchises as new owners.

For nearly 40 years, Miracle Method has been the go-to service for homeowners seeking to upgrade countertops, bathtubs, showers, tile, vanities, and more. And throughout that time, Miracle Method has formulated a proven business model that attracts loyal, driven franchisees like Del Murphy.

In Sacramento, California Del operates one of the brand’s most successful locations. During his 35-year tenure as a Miracle Method franchisee, he’s developed a deep-rooted enthusiasm for the brand’s quality refinishing services. And now, that same passion for Miracle Method has trickled down to his son, Tyler Murphy.

Tyler grew up around the business, and that experience has allowed him to swiftly become one of the franchise’s youngest and brightest owners. His experience as a kid working with his dad at his Miracle Method shop – whether interacting with customers or filing paperwork, prepared him for entrepreneurship and his eventual move to open and operate his own Miracle Method franchise.

“I wanted to break the mold,” Tyler said. “My dad had been doing this successfully since the ‘80s, so I had a depth of knowledge and exposure growing up in the business and it felt like it was time to do something on my own.”

In 2007, Tyler decided to join the leading refinishing franchise with his own location launching Miracle Method in the Seattle, Washington area. In bringing the same resounding customer satisfaction that his father relentlessly pursued over the years, Tyler found great success in building his franchise.

During his time within the Miracle Method family, Tyler met and developed a close friendship with fellow franchisee Ryan Gladhill. Gladhill operates locations in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Maryland and has also earned a similar reputation as Tyler; a young, driven franchisee who’s brought with him a fresh outlook and energy to the booming refinishing business. 

Gladhill comes from a similar background to Tyler’s. His parents were also Miracle Method owners and operators. And that passion – as well as the business itself – was passed down to him.

At the start of 2017, Gladhill and Murphy combined their history and experience to team up and take over Miracle Method of Riverside and San Diego, two existing franchises.

“I think this is such a unique experience, two kids being raised in the Miracle Method family, opening our franchises and then coming together to propel our growth to the next level.” Tyler said. “It just goes to show the strength of the business model and the proven demand  for our refinishing services.”

During the acquisition process of Riverside and San Diego, the prior owner unexpectedly passed away. It was a shock to the entire Miracle Method family and devastating to Gladhill and Murphy, but without a second thought, Gladhill and Murphy decided to step in sooner than anticipated to take over the existing locations and help the grieving family focus on the loss of their husband and father rather than the business left behind.

“Ryan and I are both a part of the younger generation of Miracle Method’s franchisees,” Tyler said. “We have a similar business style and goals. Ryan is really good at taking on the large-scale jobs and commercial work. I’ve learned the business a little differently since I did a lot of residential work with homeowners, so there is a good balance and synergy between our experience and strengths.”

Both Gladhill and Murphy represent a bright, progressive future for Miracle Method. Their collaboration and teamwork has already positioned Miracle Method for a prosperous future. The proven support system and training Miracle Method has in place as a franchisor makes it that much more of an attractive option for prospective franchisees.

This is one franchise whose torch is being carried on from one generation to the next, an excellent validation of the nearly 40-year-old business model.

For more information about a franchising opportunity with Miracle Method, please click here or call John Tubiolo at 1-877-434-5096.