Once an Employee, Now the Boss

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Once an Employee, Now the Boss
Once an Employee, Now the Boss
How two Miracle Method Employees Joined Forces to Untap the Memphis Territory

Many people grow up dreaming of being their own boss and for two former Miracle Method employees that dream recently became a reality. Paris Birchfield and Xuanbin “Calvin” Xiao both worked at Miracle Method in Columbus, Ohio and decided it was time to team up and open a new location in Memphis, a previously untapped territory.

After moving to Ohio from China, when his sister was a student and his mother was a teacher at The University of Ohio, Xiao started working in the home remodeling and repair industry. He came in close contact with Miracle Method through a previous job and was always very impressed with the product, service and company as a whole. He jumped at an opportunity to work as employee for Miracle Method and now will get the chance to lead his own team of employees as a franchisee of the business.

Birchfield moved to Columbus during high school. After graduating, he looked for a stable job that allowed further career growth and soon came across an advertisement for a Miracle Method position in the local newspaper.

“I started working as a technician for Miracle Method, which I did for about three and a half years,” said Birchfield. “I then moved my way up into a production manager role.”

Both Xiao and Birchfield found a home with Miracle Method and wanted to grow further in the company. Since they recognized the strength of the proven franchise model since 1979, becoming franchisees seemed like a natural fit.

“We started talking one day about the possibility of opening a Miracle Method location for ourselves and found that we were both on the same page with what we wanted out of our careers,” mentioned Xiao. “It was the right time for both of us, so we decided to follow our dreams and open our own location.”

Since working with the refinishing company for a combined 7 years, both Xiao and Birchfield have seen how high the demand is for affordable remodeling alternatives like surface refinishing and the difference it makes for homeowners. They were so passionate about the business opportunity that they were even willing to relocate to a new city to achieve their goals.

“Surprisingly, neither of us have any connection with Memphis,” said Birchfield. “Memphis is a completely open market so we thought we could really make an impact on the area by offering our services there; they don't have anything like it. We also found many similarities between Memphis and Columbus, so we felt very comfortable with the move.”

 As former employees of the brand, Xiao and Birchfield were able to achieve their personal goals of being a business owner. As franchisees, they know the invaluable support and training they will receive from Miracle Method’s Corporate Team but also understand on the ownership side the dedication and hard work it takes to succeed.

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