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KRDO Radio Business Hour: Miracle Method Addition to Fuel Brand Growth
Gwyn O'Kane was attracted by the brand's growth and will now join leadership team as VP of Franchise Development

Miracle Method recently announced the addition of franchise industry veteran Gwyn O'Kane to its leadership team to fuel brand growth. O'Kane recently shared the appeal of franchises for entrepreneurs and why can be more profitable than an independent business.

“Really it’s about helping individuals that want to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves,” O'Kane told KRDO Radio's Business Hour program in Colorado Springs, CO.

The success of Miracle Method is largely what drew O'Kane to partnering with the franchise. The brand has more than one-hundred and forty locations across the country that handle both residential and large scale commercial refinishing projects. 

“New owners come on board, they follow the program, they become part of a larger network and they can become very successful business owners,” O'Kane said.

According to O'Kane, it is important to not only consider the support received from a corporate team when looking to become a franchisee, but also the product with which they'll be working. Due diligence is essential when looking to join a brand.

“It’s about building a business, but it’s also about building a lifestyle,” O'Kane said.