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Commercial Business Grows as Demand for Bathing Safety Options Grows
North America’s largest commercial surface refinisher provides bathing safety and accessibility upgrades to reduce slip-and- fall liability.

Every year, thousands of people suffer from slip-and-fall injuries due to slippery surfaces in bathrooms. In the case of seniors or the mobility impaired, even the simple act of stepping over the steep edge of a bathtub without the use of a properly installed grab bar can result in a slip and fall accident. 

Miracle Method has long provided bathing safety and accessibility upgrades for customers in their homes. And with the liability for slip-and-fall accidents steadily increasing, Miracle Method franchisees are experiencing a large demand for bathing safety solutions in facilities such as hotels, senior and assisted living centers, apartments, universities, and other public facilities across the country.

For example, Miracle Method franchisees Phil and Dede Panarisi in Indianapolis, Indiana have partnered with several prominent state organizations recently looking to provide safer conditions for guests in their restrooms. Over the summer, the Panarisi’s worked with Spring Mill State Park to provide slip resistant surface updates to bathtubs in the rooms at Spring Mill Inn. They also contributed to remodeling projects in the dorms of Purdue University to ensure safer conditions for students while reducing liability.

Similarly, the demand for the same type of work performed in Indianapolis is up most parts of the country. Kevin Whiting, owner of Miracle Method of Pueblo, Colorado, recently provided necessary bathing safety upgrades for multiple hotels including the Spring Hill Suites in Pueblo and the Hampton Inn of Cañyon City. Bathing safety and accessibility upgrades not only create a safer environment for guests in bathrooms but also help hotels to reduce slip-and-fall liability.

“Many bathtubs that come from the factory have a textured bottom to act as a slip-resistant surface,” said Miracle Method VP of Commercial Services, Terri McPherson. “However, over time, this texture wears off, and when it does, it does very little to prevent slip-and-fall accidents.”

While bathmats or stick-on appliqués can provide a temporary solution, they easily collect mold and mildew, resulting in an unsanitary and stained surface. These short- term solutions are neither efficient nor effective for high-traffic areas such as restrooms, floors or shower pans at hotels or university dormitories.

Miracle Method’s unique application process outperforms many of these short-term options including a chemical etch, rubber mats, glue-on mats and appliques. With Miracle Method’s Slip Resistant Surface the texture is applied to the existing surface, offering a superior and durable solution that will not crack or peel.

Homeowners have long used Miracle Method for refinishing of bathtubs, showers, tile, and kitchens. However, as the baby boomer generation asserts their independence and desire to age in place longer, they are looking for fast and affordable solutions that will allow them to stay safely in the comfort of their own homes longer. As a result, Miracle Methods has seen a huge increase in the demand for bathing safety solutions.

The Panarisi’s explained, “seniors and those with limited mobility prefer a solution like Miracle Method’s because they don’t have to start from scratch in order to make improvements to their homes. With Miracle Method, there is no need to completely rip out your existing bathroom fixtures to have better accessibility, and our solution provides an affordable alternative to bathtub replacement options.”

Bathing safety improvements like the ones offered by Miracle Method are simple and cost effective not only for businesses but for homeowners as well. A slip-resistant surface upgrade or grab-bar installation can provide the first steps needed to ensure that those using the bathroom don’t become slip-and-fall victims at their own home or while traveling.

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