5 Reasons Miracle Method is Growing Fast

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5 Reasons Miracle Method is Growing Fast
5 Reasons Miracle Method is Growing Fast
The refinishing franchise has rapidly expanded its footprint and is poised for another strong year of development.

In January, Miracle Method was ranked as the No. 1 kitchen and bath remodeling franchise in Entrepreneur’s 39th annual Franchise 500 issue. That recognition came after a year of rapid and widespread expansion for the franchise brand, one that their development team is on pace to exceed in 2018.

Gwyn O’Kane, Miracle Method’s VP of Franchise Development, said the team is looking to leverage their increased brand awareness for large-scale growth in key markets this year.

“Our goal in 2018 is to geo-target big cities like New York, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee and Vegas because there is a huge opportunity there for us,” O’Kane said. “We’re also making Florida a high priority since the state is full of both residential and commercial properties that are a fit for our business.”

According to O’Kane, the franchise’s recent and continued growth can be attributed largely to five key factors.

1) Savvy marketing

Exposure is essential to the growth of any franchise, and Miracle Method has increased their exposure through a variety of marketing efforts designed to introduce the brand to a large set of prospective franchisees.

“We are getting our name out there via PR, social media, brokers and all manner of other marketing efforts, and the response has been amazing,” said O’Kane. “We’re focused now on building a strong and deep pool of qualified leads. We’ve seen just how excited people are about the brand, so we want to spread that excitement as far as we can.”

2) Strong prospects

Miracle Method’s development team is casting a wide net in their search for franchisee prospects, specifically those who are best equipped to apply the model. That means finding entrepreneurs who are passionate about fulfilling the brand’s mission of providing best-in-class refinishing services.

“We are adamant about working with highly-motivated and passionate franchisees to represent our brand. We are selective in our candidate process, searching for those who really understand our brand and appreciate the potential of our proven business model,” said O’Kane. “We try very hard to make sure we have a great match with each new franchisee, because growth will only come if all of our franchise owners are happy, successful, and doing great work.”

Miracle Method continues to onboard franchise candidates whose personal interests’ align with the brand’s mission. For home-improvement hobbyists in particular, the leading refinishing brands offers a uniquely exciting business opportunity.

“I’ve always had a hard time finding a career that suits my home-improvement hobby,” said Spencer Hansen, a Miracle Method franchisee who runs his business with his wife, Patricia, in McAllen, Texas. “When we came across Miracle Method, we were fascinated by the beautiful transformations done in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional replacement. We discovered there was nothing similar in McAllen and decided it would be a great idea to open a franchise.”

3) Exciting discovery

To convert interested prospects into new Miracle Method franchisees, the brand has developed an impressive discovery process that connects prospective franchisees with existing ones to illustrate the details of the on-the-ground work of running a Miracle Method franchise. By walking candidates through the many benefits of the model, Miracle Method’s discovery process has become a crucial component of the brand’s development strategy.

“We know what our ideal candidate looks like, and we want to help them know us,” O’Kane said. “We have a mature system with over 39 years of experience to draw from, so we’ve been able to put together a fantastic discovery process that is not only educating, it’s exciting! A lot of that excitement comes naturally from the right franchisee, but we also strive to show all of the little details and benefits of our model that may not be apparent at  first glance. The discovery day is where things really come together. That’s when both the development team and franchisee prospects come to a decision about moving forward.”

4) An attractive model

Key to the longevity of any franchise is owner-satisfaction, and Miracle Method has come a long way by ensuring the satisfaction of all of their franchise owners. That satisfaction is due largely to a business model that is both lucrative and personally fulfilling.

"In franchising, there are many different awards and rankings, however, none are more important than Franchise Business Review’s annual Franchisee Satisfaction Awards," said Gwyn O'Kane, VP of franchise development. "Miracle Method is proud to be named a 2018 Top 50 Award Winner as this is a testament to the satisfaction, success, and validation of our franchise owners."

Even for entrepreneurs with little experience in home improvement, Miracle Method is a rare opportunity to escape the corporate world and build something for themselves.

“I wanted to secure my own destiny, and that’s why I took this leap,” said Jim Kenney, a recently signed Miracle Method franchise owner in Massachusetts. “I’m not getting any younger, and it’s getting harder and harder to find another job in corporate America. Now’s the time to make a move. I’ve been looking for a unique, recession-proof opportunity that allows me to use my hands. After a career working for both small businesses and Fortune 500 corporates, Miracle Method is the perfect opportunity.

O’Kane said those sentiments are not unusual among Miracle Method franchisees.

“Anyone who has spent any time researching various franchise models will quickly identify the value of ours,” O’Kane said. “There is a huge upside for a relatively low investment. And it’s not just about how much money can be made. Our franchisees enjoy what they do and are passionate about helping customers achieve beautiful results while saving thousands of dollars over replacement. And because our work is far more environmentally friendly than traditional construction and renovation projects, our franchisees are proud to be doing their part to protect the environment.”

5.) A focus on the franchise owner

One of the ways that Miracle Method has attracted growing interest from prospective franchisees is by providing unparalleled support to their existing franchisees. The strength of the brand depends upon the success of its franchisees, and potential franchisee candidates will look first to the existing franchisees to get a sense of what they can expect from their own work with Miracle Method. “By prioritizing support for its existing franchise owners, O’Kane said Miracle Method establishes a confidence among prospects that is crucial to conversion.”

“Our corporate team is laser-focused on supporting our franchise owners, and that’s not just lip-service, it’s part of our business model,” O’Kane said. “We know that the franchisees are the lifeblood of our business, so whatever we can do to support them will benefit the entire franchise system. We are right there for every franchisee from day one, helping them set up their new business and remaining on-call to provide ongoing support and training as they continue to grow. It doesn’t benefit us to find great new franchise owners and then leave them to figure things out on their own. Taking care of our existing franchisees is every bit as important to the success and growth of our brand as finding new ones is.”

For more information about becoming an independent franchise business owner with Miracle Method, please click here or call 1-877-434-5096. You may also join Miracle Method for an upcoming discovery webinar, click here to register!