Miracle Method Considers Yonkers Location for Expansion

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Miracle Method Considers Yonkers Location for Expansion
Miracle Method Considers Yonkers Location for Expansion
Surface refinishing brand Miracle Method is looking to expand this year possibly into Yonkers, NY.

Miracle Method has had one of its most successful years in its 35-year history.

The brand reports revenue across all locations is up around 12.5 percent in 2015 from 2014, and 59 percent of the company's jobs have been residential, with 41 percent coming from commercial facilities including hotels, hospitals, property managers, colleges and universities, according to the company.

At its Rochester location, the company's success has come from renovating dorm bathrooms and kitchens at the Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Rochester, among other projects.

Yonkers proximity to Sarah Lawrence and West Community College would capitalize on its success with local universities.

The challenge Miracle Method has faced has been generating awareness of a cost-effective, professional solution that will transform the look of kitchens and bathrooms.

Surface refinishing is a solution for updating kitchen countertops, bathtubs and tile. Damaged or dated kitchens and baths can be repaired and given a new look in about two days for about 75 percent less than the cost of replacement.

The refinishing process starts with a technician preparing the surface with industrial strength cleaners, and then repairing any cracks, chips or defects in the surface. Next, the proprietary bonding agent is applied. Finally, in what looks similar to spray painting, the technician applies several layers of high tech coatings, which cure overnight. The technician will come back the next day for any additional detailing and to perform a buffing process to make the new surface smooth and shiny. Miracle Method also provides a business plan to franchisees, giving them access to corporate support and ongoing technical and administrative training opportunities.

For more information on Miracle Method click here or call John Tubiolo at 1-877-434-5096.