Balance - Learning From Mistakes and Accomplishments

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Balance - Learning From Mistakes and Accomplishments
Balance - Learning From Mistakes and Accomplishments
Finding the right kind of balance between your mistakes and accomplishments

I really enjoy reading the Quote of the Day from Forbes Publishing! Recently there was a quote from the author Sam Levenson which said, “You must learn from other people’s mistakes. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.” Wow! We can go down a hundred different paths on this one.

So ponder this: Do you learn more from your mistakes or from your accomplishments? Hmmm… There’s quite a bit of research to support both sides of this argument. One side will insist that failure is a vital part of the learning process. On the other hand, there is neurological research showing that our own successes teach us more than our failures. Personally I think that there is a balance to this argument. I like to think that I’m smart enough to learn from my own mistakes, or from mistakes I see others making. However as I’ve experienced success, or witnessed the success of others, I learn from that also and often can continue to improve based on that knowledge.

Either way, this is one of the most powerful tools that franchising has to offer. Successful franchisors have a wealth of information that they can share with their franchisees, not only to reduce the amount of mistakes they may make, but also to show the model of how others have succeeded. What many new business owners don’t take into consideration is that you need to be prepared to wear many hats when you start a business! General Manager; Advertising Manager; Bookkeeper; Salesperson; Computer Expert; Counselor; Cheerleader; Inventory Control Specialist; Shipping Clerk; Secretary and Customer Relations Service. The list goes on and on and on. Sam Levenson is right! You can’t possibly live long enough to make all the mistakes it would take to learn everything about running a business.

Here at Miracle Method, I’m proud to say that we offer our franchisees many tools to help run their business so they won’t have to be burdened with wearing so many hats. Along with an extensive initial training process, our franchisees receive support by being involved in at least two training sessions per year. We provide them with training manuals and videos; monthly peer group calls; mentoring programs; an interactive forum; site visits; sales coaching; financial guidance; sop’s; websites; CRM and software programs; marketing and advertising materials. Our franchisees are encouraged to call other franchisees to learn from each other… mistakes and accomplishments. Plus, here at the corporate office we run our own local franchise as well. This way we get to experience the day-to-day challenges that our other franchisees face. Obviously no one can guarantee someone’s success, but having these tools available sure makes life a lot easier in running a business. The moral to the story? Avoid making the mistakes you can and learn from success. This balance will make your business journey a whole lot easier.

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