Miracle Method Franchisee Brings Brand's Industry-Leading Refinishing Services to Arkansas

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Miracle Method Franchisee Brings Brand's Industry-Leading Refinishing Services to Arkansas
Miracle Method Franchisee Brings Brand's Industry-Leading Refinishing Services to Arkansas
By opening a location in Little Rock, Doug Ledgerwood will be driving Miracle Method's growth throughout the entire state of Arkansas

For more than 20 years, Doug Ledgerwood worked as a manager for the postal service. The job was fulfilling, but it did very little to satisfy his growing entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why he turned to Miracle Method, the country’s leading refinishing brand.

During his two decades as a postal worker, Ledgerwood spent a lot of his time on the road. Tuning into his favorite radio station, day after day, he heard commercials boasting Miracle Method and its second-to-none professional bathroom and kitchen refinishing services. They caught his attention. Wanting to learn more about franchising opportunities with the brand, he personally called John Tubiolo, the vice president of franchise sales and development at Miracle Method.

“I had always thought about running a franchise or starting my own business, and Miracle Method was the first brand that I had come across that actually had all of the characteristics I was looking for in a business,” Ledgerwood said.

In particular, it was the high demand for Miracle Method’s services that really captivated his interest. According to information from the most recent American Housing Survey, Americans spent nearly $13 billion on kitchen remodels and more than $9 billion on bathroom remodels in 2013 alone. And with more than 100 territories across the U.S. and Canada that generate more than $50 million in annual sales, Miracle Method is successfully vying for a major portion of the booming industry.

“Aside from my own interest in the industry, there seemed to be a high demand for services similar to Miracle Method. In terms of competition, there are only one or two boutique operations in the state, and we operate on a much larger scale,” Ledgerwood said. “The business model seemed like a no lose situation for me.”

It doesn’t hurt that Miracle Method’s service are some of the best in the business either. Many homeowners are unaware that there is a cost-effective, professional solution that can transform the look of their kitchen or bathroom. But when Miracle Method emerged, surface refinishing quickly became a preferred option when updating kitchen countertops, bathtubs and tile. With the help of Miracle Method, damaged or outdated kitchens and baths can be repaired and given a new look in just two days for about 75 percent less than the cost of replacement.

Ledgerwood’s Miracle Method location officially opened in early June in the Little Rock, Arkansas area—a territory that will have him responsible for covering the entire state. His plan is to ultimately hire on three additional employees, two technicians and on customer service representative. Once business picks up in Arkansas, Ledgerwood would like to target Memphis for his next Miracle Method location, and within the next three to five years, his goal is to start the development process all over again.

Miracle Method has been providing a proven business model to motivated entrepreneurs since 1979, click here for more information.