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Leader in Refinishing Industry Pursues Expansion in Odessa, Midland
Miracle Method Goes After Joint Markets Midland and Odessa

As Miracle Method, the nation’s largest refinishing company hones in on expansion in Texas, the brand targets the joint markets of Odessa and Midland. After experiencing a slight economic decline as expected with the rippling effects of the oil industry, the combined metropolitan areas are making way towards a strong recovery. The economies of Odessa and Midland have become increasingly diversified as oil funds over the years have been invested in education, infrastructure and housing, making it a prime location for the expanding franchise.

During downturns in the energy sector, many individuals look to transition out of the boom and bust industry and are able to find success in business ownership. Franchising offers a great way to start a business with the advantage of proven systems, support and ongoing training. Miracle Method has seen individuals with backgrounds and experience in project management, sales, finance, construction and operations succeed with its proven business model.

“With a Miracle Method franchise, you have the system, tools and guidance along the way to complement your existing skill set,” said Vice President of Franchise Sales and Development for Miracle Method, John Tubiolo. “The soft skills many gain throughout a career such as communication, leadership and planning are also attributes of a successful business owner. One of the advantages of Miracle Method is that the customer demand is strong and diverse, giving individuals who’ve always wanted to own their own business a solid foundation for success.”

With a low cost of doing business and a desirable tax climate, Texas offers a prime climate for franchise development. Miracle Method has already experienced success in Texas with 15 locations in the Lone Star State. The demand for refinishing services has increased exponentially in Texas, as the awareness of this cost effective solution continues to gain momentum. Miracle Method franchisees in Texas are optimistic about the growth.

Eddie Naro of Miracle Method of Corpus Christi says, “We’ve seen incredible growth in demand. Refinishing is recession-proof too,” says Naro. “As a high quality option that offers significant cost savings of up to 75% over traditional replacement, we’ve learned consumers like saving money both in good and bad economies alike.”

Miracle Method repairs and refinishes bathtubs, showers, ceramic tile, countertops and more to make fixtures look new again. From residential home renovations to commercial facility maintenance and upgrades, Miracle Method’s proprietary process saves its customers time and money by offering an affordable and durable alternative to replacement. Due to Miracle Method’s ability to deliver quick, affordable and beautiful results, the demand for refinishing in commercial and residential properties has increased dramatically.

With renowned medical and educational facilities located in the Odessa and Midland region, the opportunity for refinishing for the commercial market is significant. Odessa is home to the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, and Odessa College. Midland is recognized for their outstanding educational and hospital institutions as well, from Dawson Geophysical, Midland College and Baker Hughes. With 40%+ of the franchisor’s revenues coming from commercial industries, the brand is a natural fit for the market.

As many individuals contemplate alternatives to the rollercoaster ride of energy sector employment and business ownership arises as an alternative, Miracle Method’s proven franchise model is certainly positioning itself in the Odessa-Midland market to make its expansion plans a reality.

For more information about Miracle Method’s development plans, please click here or call John Tubiolo at 1-877-434-5096