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Miracle Method Honored in 2016’s Top 500 Remodelers
Miracle Method ranks in Top 40 of the nation's largest remodeling firms

Qualified Remodeler, the leader in media for best practices, news, design inspiration and insight for the remodeling and home improvement industry has just released the nation’s Top 500 list of the largest remodeling firms in 2016. Miracle Method debuted on the list this year as number 32, a public recognition of the surface refinishing franchise’s tremendous growth in the past few years.

The companies listed on the Top 500 Remodelers 2016 collectively produced $8.53 billion in gross revenue in 2015, an increase of $970 million up from the year prior. Industry experts predict that trend to continue with the remodeling and retro-fit for homes and commercial properties only expected to rise as consumers look for affordable ways to upgrade rather than build new.

Miracle Method has been in business since 1976 and franchising since 1979. Surface refinishing is a unique process in which the existing surface is prepped, cleaned and refinished with a durable, long lasting finish. The new finish provides a beautiful and non-porous surface for ease of maintenance and care. Miracle Method attributes their growth to diversification into large commercial projects and increased consumer awareness due to the benefits of surface refinishing over replacement. Customers save on average up to 75% over the cost of replacement of kitchen countertops, bathtubs, showers, tile and more without the mess and hassle of traditional replacement.

From residential upgrades to commercial refinishing projects and multiple bathing safety options, the Miracle Method franchise presents a solid business opportunity with multiple streams of revenue. The potential diversity in revenue along with operational and marketing support from the franchisor’s corporate office puts Miracle Method franchisees at a distinct advantage.

John Tubiolo, VP of Franchise Sales and Development said, “Our franchisees are given unparalleled training and support from our marketing, national accounts and operational teams from day one, giving them a strong foundation for success.” In 2016, that success brings YTD revenues for Miracle Method on track to exceed 60 million, a nearly 12% increase over 2015’s record breaking numbers.

“Being recognized in Qualified Remodelers Top 500 is a huge honor for Miracle Method and every franchisee in the Miracle Method network, as it is a direct result of their hard work, dedication and ability to follow our proven system.” Says Tubiolo.

As the refinishing brand continues to experience aggressive growth, it’s looking to expand its network of franchisees. With just over 135 locations in North America, the potential for growth is huge for motivated individuals who want to be part of the largest North American refinishing franchise.

It may be Miracle Method’s first year to appear on the QR Top 500 list, but we are betting it won’t be the last.

For more information about Miracle Method’s placement on the QR Top 500 list or their expansion and development plans, please click here or call John Tubiolo at 1-877-434-5096.