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Entrepreneur Turns Passion for Housing Industry into Successful Business Ownership Opportunity with Miracle Method
After opening up his Miracle Method franchise this summer, Justin Jurek is already planning on growing quickly with the brand.

Justin Jurek has always had a professional interest in the housing industry, but after working on a startup concept that focused on researching and analyzing multifamily rental units, he discovered he wanted to take on more of a consumer facing service role. That’s when he discovered Miracle Method, the largest professional bathroom and kitchen refinishing franchise in the country.

“As soon as my wife and I were introduced to the Miracle Method brand, we saw a unique business opportunity. Miracle Method offers such an effective and affordable solution to a common problem, and it’s really paving the way in the entire refinishing industry,” said Jurek. “That’s why we jumped on board right away—the brand has turned a corner that no other company in the industry has even seen yet.”

Miracle Method offers its customers an unparalleled refinishing service that makes dated, worn or unattractive kitchen and bathroom fixtures look brand new without the mess and hassle of replacement. The brand’s refinishing also cost up to 75 percent less than granite countertops, new bathtub installations and traditional removal and replacement options. Jurek says that amazing value has helped his business take off just one month after opening its doors.

“The response we’ve seen so far has been overwhelmingly positive. As soon as consumers discover that they can save not only time but also money by using Miracle Method, they jump at the chance to work with us,” Jurek said. “Since we’ve been open, we’ve only taken on residential work. But we’re excited to expand by adding commercial and major community clients to our lineup.”

Miracle Method works closely with its franchisees—both new and experienced—to ensure that business operations are running smoothly. The brand offers initial and ongoing training that is designed to set local owners up for success. It’s clear that supportive structure pays off—even though Jurek officially opened his doors for business at the end of the summer, he’s already establishing multiple customer relationships and making plans for future expansion.

“The growth potential for Miracle Method’s services throughout the metropolitan Twin Cities area is unlimited. Between the region’s residential areas and numerous corporate headquarters that are housed here, there’s no shortage of potential customers in need of our superior services,” said Jurek. “There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll be able to replicate the national success of the Miracle Method brand here on the local level.”

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