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Miracle Method’s Continuing Education Programs Keep Franchisees at the Top of Their Game
The continuing education offered by Miracle Method includes technical seminars, front-of-office and sales programs and leadership training.

This fall, as thousands of students head back to the classroom to kick off the new school year, dozens of Miracle Method owners, managers and technicians got an education of their own. This was part of Miracle Method’s annual series of training workshops, and this year they were held in Colorado Springs, Cleveland and Corpus Christi.

The continuing education offered by Miracle Method includes technical seminars, front-of-office and sales programs and leadership training. According to Erin Gilliam, the Director of Marketing for Miracle Method, these workshops are a big part of why the brand remains the nation’s No. 1 surface refinishing company.

“These workshops not only add to the technical ability of our franchisees and technicians, but also help maintain the gap between ourselves and our competitors. No one else in the surface refinishing industry offers the same high quality continuing education programs,” Gilliam said. “Miracle Method team members, technicians and owners never stop learning.”

For the 14th year in a row, Eric Stacy, a Miracle Method franchisee in Nashville, Tennessee, attended the technical seminar along with two other employees from his leadership team. This series of workshops exists to cover the latest techniques and developments in the surface refinishing of bathtubs, tile, fiberglass, acrylic, marble and laminate bathroom and kitchen surfaces. This year, Stacy learned about a new Miracle Method product line—giving him the opportunity to bring what he learned and apply it back to his location in Nashville.

“These workshops are incredibly valuable to the growth of the company overall. We’re always looking for something to add to our list of services that we provide, and this is a great way to be able to connect with other people in the Miracle Method system and share valuable information. It’s about reinforcing and perfecting the technical steps we already know while also learning about something new,” Stacy said.

Stacy added that having the opportunity to connect with other Miracle Method owners, manager and technicians holds great value, too.

“We’re a big organization—and we’re only going to continue growing. At the local level, we’re all trying to accomplish the same thing, which is to run a successful business. But the great thing is, we all have our own way of doing things. Sharing those experiences—those trials and tribulations, successes and failures—is a great way to learn, whether you’re a technician or an office manager. There’s always some kind of lesson to take back with you to make your location better,” Stacy said.

Maggie Brown, an office manager for Miracle Method in Northwest Atlanta who has also attended the workshops, agrees—the training programs are the perfect opportunity to learn best practices from the people who know the business best: other office managers, franchisees and technicians that work with Miracle Method.

“As a franchise that is growing, we are constantly having to make changes for the better. During workshops, I was able to get some great feedback from other franchisees on how they are running their offices and what is working best. As a result of the valuable insight, we plan on having more staff meetings and going back to listen to our customer calls on a more regular basis,” said Maggie Brown, an office manager for Miracle Method in North West Atlanta. “That kind of advice is invaluable, and it can only come from people just like myself who are truly engrained in the day to day operations. Having the chance to connect with likeminded people at the workshops makes our business better, stronger and more streamlined in the end.”