Miracle Method Closes 2016 with Record Breaking Growth and Spike in Annual Revenue

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Miracle Method Closes 2016 with Record Breaking Growth and Spike in Annual Revenue
Miracle Method Closes 2016 with Record Breaking Growth and Spike in Annual Revenue
With demand for its services at an all-time high, the leading refinishing brand is partnering with more consumer and commercial clients than ever before.

The home remodeling industry is on the rise. With a rebounding American economy, more consumers are willing to spend money on interior upgrades. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re not on the hunt for the best quality services at an affordable price. That’s why people and businesses are increasingly relying on Miracle Method.

For Miracle Method, the nation’s largest professional bathroom and kitchen refinishing franchise, business has never been better. The brand has experienced record breaking growth throughout 2016—Miracle Method opened 10 new territories over the course of the year. The brand is also on pace to see 2016’s year-to-date revenues cross the $60 million mark, which is up 12 percent from the year before. And for Miracle Method’s franchisees, that upward momentum is evident even in their daily operations.

Gabriel Gilliam, the Miracle Method franchisee behind the brand’s location in Salt Lake City, Utah, said, “Since opening up our doors for business, we have seen an incredibly high demand for our refinishing services. But it’s not coming as a surprise—we offer high quality services that save our customers both time and money, especially compared to replacement. With just a little over three months in the refinishing business under our belts, we have already started to develop strong commercial leads from local colleges and universities. We couldn’t be more excited about the positive results that we’ve experienced so far, and we’re looking forward to what’s next.”

It’s clear that the trend of franchisees consistently building relationships with new commercial clients isn’t expected to end any time soon. This summer alone, Miracle Method completed projects on more than 60 college campuses. And right now, 42 percent of the brand’s total revenue comes from commercial accounts. That’s a big leap from just five years ago when that number was hovering between 17 and 20 percent.

“In refinishing bathtubs, countertops, tile, showers and other surfaces, the opportunity for growth and scalability that Miracle Method provides has given us an incredible amount of flexibility.” said Doug Ledgerwood, Miracle Method’s franchisee in Little Rock, Arkansas.“We’re excited to continue to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and drive our business forward as we move into 2017.” 

As Miracle Method heads into the new year, the brand is expected to continue expanding its reach in key target markets across the country. In the first quarter of 2017, franchisees are already prepared to open their doors for business in New York City and Arizona. The brand is also actively looking to grow in target development states including Nevada, Florida, Louisiana, California, Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois and New York as well as international markets like Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Winnipeg.

Backed by its professional solutions that can transform the entire look of any kitchen or bathroom for about 75 percent less than the cost of replacement, Miracle Method is perfectly positioned for continued growth in 2017. The brand is confident that it will add 25 new franchise locations to its ever-growing network next year.

“Demand for our services is at an all-time high. Our current franchisees are even traveling to other cities to fill the voids in our coverage,” said John Tubiolo, Vice President of Franchise Sales and Development for Miracle Method. “That just goes to show that the list of markets that could support and benefit from Miracle Method’s refinishing services is unlimited. The opportunities for both our existing and future franchises are endless, and we look forward to helping every one of our owners grow their businesses over the course of the next year.”

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