Franchisee Spotlight: Jim Kenney of Miracle Method

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Franchisee Spotlight: Jim Kenney of Miracle Method
Franchisee Spotlight: Jim Kenney of Miracle Method
How Miracle Method gave franchisee Jim Kenney they opportunity to pursue his lifelong passion.

Jim Kenney is a third generation handyman. His father spent his entire life as a union carpenter working in Massachusetts, and while he passed down the love of woodworking and craftsmanship, he wanted his son to earn a college education and take the white-collar route. So, Jim spent a couple of decades in the corporate world but had always wanted to become a small business owner and get back to working with his hands.

A Miracle Method customer 16 years ago, Jim saw the business for sale early last year and decided to make the leap into entrepreneurship. Officially taking over the business on Jan. 20, 2017, Jim is excited to continue offering the community he calls home the useful and friendly service they’ve become accustomed to for the last 30 years.

Elaborate on your background.

My dad was a carpenter in the state of Massachusetts his whole life, so since I was a kid I’ve been working with my hands. I’ve been woodworking since I was about seven-years old, doing all sorts of stuff. I’ve always had a passion for carpentry because of my dad. My first job at 14 was helping my neighbors build decks all summer – we’d construct decks, install windows and roofs. That’s the money I used to put myself through college. I earned my degree and worked 27 years in the white-collar world, but had always wanted to go back into something I was passionate about.

My dad made it clear that I needed to get my degree and didn’t necessarily want me to make a living the way he had for his life. But it’s a different world today than my dad knew. The corporate world always keeps you on edge, there’s always a restructuring, and you’re always worried you’ll be a part of that. For the past three years, I’ve been thinking about buying a business. I wanted to secure my own destiny and that’s why I took this leap. I’m not getting any younger and it’s getting harder and harder to find another job in corporate. Now’s the time to make the move since I still have the energy to dedicate myself and work for myself.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial side to me. I’ve been looking for a unique opportunity, that’s recession-proof, where I can use my hands. After a career working from small business to Fortune 500 corporations, I felt like Miracle Method was the perfect opportunity.

I’ve always lived in this area, so it’s exciting to provide my community a business like this that can be of service to them. It’s a bonus that we’re taking over a business that’s been an established success for 30-plus years in this area.

I always have had an entrepreneurial side to me. I’ve been looking for a unique opportunity and this is it with a recession-proof.

How did you hear about the brand and why did you choose to get involved?

I first heard of Miracle Method as a client of theirs – this was 16 and a half years ago. Since I grew up as a third generation handyman, I decided to take it upon myself to take on our entire kitchen and bathroom remodeling project, in our really old home no less. It was a huge project and it was hard to take on fully and my wife was pregnant at the time.

Someone had mentioned Miracle Method to me to help assist with the remodel of our old, off-putting tub and, at first, I didn’t really believe what they said they were capable of doing. But they came in and did a phenomenal job with that bathtub – we still have it today – and once I saw the business for sale, I knew I could do this since I firmly believe in the work and am passionate about it. I feel good doing this type of work. I saw that listing about a year ago (early 2016), I did my due diligence and here we are today.

What ties do you have with your local community and how do you plan to serve the community with your new business?

When I spent some time working for a small, family business in town, we collaborated with Habitat for Humanity and that’s something I’d like to get back into with Miracle Method.

What’s next for you and your business?

Since I’m out of the corporate world and an entrepreneur, there are some projects I can take on that I couldn’t before. I can help offer service to anyone – from the elderly to new homeowners. I can work with anyone, from charities, real estate agents, anyone. 

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